Just a Feeling

Have you ever had those days, when despite everything that is going well in your life you can only focus on the one area in which you feel unfulfilled? A feeling of dread that you just can't shake?

Well, I feel like I have been having that feeling for almost a month.
Lately I just can't seem to get this feeling of despondency out of my head, heart, being.
What could I possibly be feeling despondent about? This is what I keep asking myself every day.
My dream came true and for the most part I am living the life that I prayed to God for.

I have friends and a job I enjoy. I am healthy and trying to live a physically active lifestyle.
However, I am not totally satisfied.
Truth is I know what's wrong with me but just refuse to say IT out loud or admit IT. That would be admitting that IT is a big deal and I am worried. I hate feeling vulnerable and silly and by verbally acknowledging what is bothering me would make me vulnerable or in my head it would. Ridiculous I know.

I have to keep reminding myself daily of all the good God has in store for me and all that he has blessed me with.
That means reading my bible, praying and just seeking out words of encouragement and inspiration.
I know that whatever I am going through is not permanent and that my victory is on the way.

If you are feeling like me, just remember that better days are ahead and that you have a breakthrough on the way. You may not feel comfortable to talk to anyone else about the problem you are facing but know you can always turn to God to help you.
Hahaha, I'm done- not trying to preach to you. Just encouraging you and myself.