Week in Review

Hi friends, school is back in session.
I had a great first week back and it went by rather quickly. Yay!!
The kiddies were for the most part very well behaved and remembered most of the material covered last term. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Part of the weekend was spent in Dubai with my ladies, which is always a blast. I had a lovely night dancing my cares away in a Cuban club at the Dubai Marina. Awesome times.

Did really well with my goals. 
I tracked my points pretty consistently this week and over the weekend despite indulging in Texas Roadhouse goodness in Dubai.
Put in 5 days of workouts even when I didn't feel like going.
I read somewhere that if you make yourself go to the gym for 15 minutes, you end up staying longer. It is so true! I didn't want to go but went anyway.
Once I got on the elliptical and made myself do the first 15 minutes,I just kept going.

My lovely friend Jen suggested we sign up for a 3k run in Dubai next month. Now, I am no runner. I have tried but I think I have a heavy foot and it isn't so great for running. Lol
I always feel so self-conscious on the treadmill cause I swear everyone can hear my foot banging away as I run. Hmmm....maybe it's in my head.
However, I am going to challenge myself and go for it. We are going to train together by going to the park to run a couple times in the week.
It will be an awesome accomplishment to complete the run.

Oh here are a few things I picked up to keep motivated. New tennis shoes in my favorite color and a kettlebell for weight training. Winning!

Have a wonderful week!