Weighing In

Last week I managed to only lose 1 lb. I was disappointed since I had lost 3 the week before.
Oh well progress is progress right?

I am running ya'll. I am doing the couch to 5k program. It's awesome and I can feel myself improving already.
I even went running outside twice.
There is a lovely beach strip called the Corniche where my friend and I went running. It's beautiful and the weather cool. It's the perfect backdrop for running.
By the way runner's high is real. Me likey.
Oh and I am working on being more creative in the kitchen.
Trying different recipes, sauces and foods.
Peep my dinner tonight.
I bought a ton of strawberries and needed to use them up. I threw together a salad with spinach, fat free feta cheese, grape tomatoes, onions and strawberries of course.
I made a dressing with orange juice, canola oil,balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.
It was so yummy... served it with spinach quiche I had made.
Good stuff.
Hopefully this week I will lose 2 lbs. My short term goal is to lose 15 by birthday (March 25).