I know I have been an absentee blogger.
It's just one of those things where you don't have much to talk about so why bore people with the mundane.

Well just doing a weight check in to let you know how I am doing.
I am down 10 pounds and counting.
Very exciting. I am so happy and motivated to continue the hard work.

My running is improving and I see the changes in my body. I am sexy y'all! Lol.

Oh more good news.
I have booked my ticket home. Heading to NY in July for a month and making a stop in Paris enroute back to Abu Dhabi.
I am all kinds of excited.
I can't wait to see my mommy and my friends. Can't wait to eat some oxtail and beef patties. Can't wait to go to my favorite Thai food spot in the city. I get tingles just thinking about going home.
I also can't wait to go to France. Cool stuff.

Anyway, here is a picture of me on one of my running evenings. I go to the Yas Marina Circuit where they have the Formula1 races. I run/walk the track every Tuesday when it is open. It's awesome.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! Fellow Abu Dhabi expat here. Blog hopped my way over. I envy you for actually finding time to get moving. I live right across Corniche and I keep making mental notes to self to run after work. However, I'm usually always dead tired after work so I never get to keep my promises. :(

    And your vacation looks promising! I'm not due to go home until November, which still seems so far off! Have fun! :D


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