Weight Matters

Trying to change your habits is no joke particularly your eating habits. I am still only down 4lbs since my last post.

I have been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for about 3 years now. Sometimes I lose a little or a lot but inevitably my love of food gets the best of me.
I figure that if I am enjoying myself eating and being with my friends sharing good food then I should be happy. In the moment I am but then I look in the mirror later and the weight bugs me.

Like many people I make the decision to lose weight all the time and I sometimes do but my mindset was not changed during those times.
I never wanted to workout and always made excuses not not.
I just thought I eat could myself skinny. Haha, notgonna happen.
The truth is that I need to workout to lose weight permanently. When I was at my ideal weight, the key was doing exercise regularly.

This year I am making an overall change in my life. I am once again incorporating exercise in my life and making a healthy lifestyle change. The benefits of exercise far exceed weight loss. I will be healthier in general. That is what I am focusing on instead simply tunnel visioning being skinny.

This week I am doing the South Beach diet.
It really isn't a fad diet at all. More of a detox and transition into healthier eating habits.
I can swear by this diet /lifestyle. When I was at my lowest weight I did South Beach to detox and free myself of the desire for sweets and simple carbs. Along with exercising, I was fit and trim.

With SB, there are 3 phases.
In phase 1you cut carbs and fruits for 14 days. You eat tons of lean protein and veggies. You can also eat nuts and dairy. By not eating fruits and carbs you are detoxing your body of any sugar that is in your blood that drives you to eat crap.

After the 14 days, you are in phase 2. In this phase you  reintroduce fruits and complex carbs. It is a 6 weeks phase and you are pretty much testing out the water, gradually adding back carbs one at a time to see how your body responds. Eventually you should be up to three servings of fruit and 3 of healthy carbs a day. You have to really be in tune with your body and figure out what is best for you.

The final phase is the long term phase. This is where you have a clean lifestyle that's working for you. You know what to eat to feel good and keep you at your desired weight.
If you want to learn more about SB read about it here.

I am now on day 4 and I really feel good, I didn't have any crazy carb withdrawal symptoms. My body feels lighter and I don't find myself starving during the days before lunch. I am always snacking on nuts or veggies.
Also, exercise is a regular deal for me. I either go to the gym, run outside or do some strength training at home.
Eventually, the routine will set in and exercise will be a huge part of my life daily. That is one of my goals for the year. As they like to say in the UAE, Inshallah ( God's will) it will happen.