One Door Closes and Another Opens

Today marks the end of my vacation and the beginning of the final school term.
Can you say excited? I have officially begun my count down to summer. 
Like most people, I am not ready to go back to work just yet. The break just didn't seem long enough.
Who am I kidding, even if I had another day or week I still wouldn't be ready. It's work. As much as I enjoy it most days, it's still work.

I am not prepared mentally or otherwise but I have pulled on my big girl pants and I am gonna jump right in.
My prayer is that the kids come back a little calmer than they left. I know we are going to have to practice all our routines and go over the rules AGAIN just like it was the beginning of the school year. Eek, those were not the funniest of days. Especially since they weren't use to having someone speak English to them all day.

The weather in Abu Dhabi is already changing. It is getting hot y'all.
 I hate the heat and I anticipate that the next couple of months will be miserable for me. I am not looking forward to it at all.
I keep having flashbacks/nightmares of how unbearably hot it was when I first got here.
I was sweating and greasy like all the time. Not cute at all.
How will the kids react to the heat? In NY when it gets hot, people start actin' crazy. Oh I hope it's not the case here. Oh lawd! 

9 weeks people. I just have to make it through 9 weeks. Then I am home free, literally. 

I am getting ready to hit the sack, wish me luck tomorrow folks.