Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to shop.
I used to have a habit. An addiction if you will, to retail.
Since moving to the UAE my sartorial addiction has been relatively tamed but with my impending return to America the dormant beast is stirring.

I am once again paying attention to the J.Crew sales and the Madewell sales. Heck if the email mentions the word "sale" I am all over it.
I've done some shopping already. Gotta take advantage of those bargains.
There are so many things I want and all the fashion blogs keep telling me I need them in my closet.

They say mint is in and so are polka dots. Oh and bright colors and statement necklaces and florals and spikes.
My oh my it is enough to send my running back to unearth my hidden credit cards and binge!
All I gotta say is " Houston we have a problem."

The yellow and purple pumps are from Madewell and the grey one which I actually bought are from J Crew.
Wanted the yellow but they didn't have my size. Sadness!