Sore Feet and Great Memories

I am sitting in the Bahrain International Airport awaiting my connecting flight to Abu Dhabi. I have a five hour layover and plenty of time to reflect on my trip to Istanbul.
I love airports with free WiFi, what's up with those cheapies who haven't gotten it together?
Anyway I digress.
My trip was wonderful, despite a not so great travel buddy. We realized very early on that we had dissimilar interests. Let's just say I don't spend money to fly to other countries to sleep away my mornings.
Luckily I've always had the inclination to travel solo and so I continued my trip as if that was the case.
I had the good fortune of finding my previous tour guide who promptly abandoned his place of employment to spend the day with me yesterday. It was perfect because there were things I still hadn't done and it being my last full day I wanted to make full use of the time.
He took me to the top of the tallest building in Europe where I had a spectacular view of the city of Istanbul. It was so breathtakingly awesome and try as I did no picture could accurately capture the grandeur as experienced by the eye.
We later hopped on the ferry on the Bosphorous and headed over to the Asian side of Turkey. Nothing spectacular but the experience was fun. We had a yummy lunch of Turkish style meatballs, salad and bread that would cause any carb lover to commit carbicide, and later walked along the waterfront enjoying the amazing weather.
As if that wasn't enough for one day, we headed over to Taksim to conclude a wonderfully exhausting day.
This is where all the shopping and nightlife are located. It is bustling hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Reminds me bit like Times Sqaure a little. We stopped at my friend's favorite place for desert and cappuccinos.
I was beat by the end of the day but it was so worth it.

The day before I visited the Spice Bazaar. My what an experience! A myriad of colors, smells and noises. Vendors trying to entice you to stop in for a look at what they had to offer.  I can tell you this, Turkish men are fascinated with women of color, one guy even kept telling me his favorite flavor is chocolate and offering to take me out an show me a "good time". I passed.
I couldn't go two paces without being stopped and asked where I was from or told how beautiful I am. Haha. This is my new favorite place in the world.
Even when I told them I wasn't interested in buying anything they insisted that I stop to talk. I was offered tea and dates (not the types you eat either).  By the end I had consumed so much tea that I could barely walk.
I think I should quit my life and move to Turkey, I would not be at a shortage for a date.
By the way, my feet hurt from all the walking I did. I am surprised I don't have blisters. Istanbul is not the place for you if you hate walking or steep hills.

Thus closes the door on one more travel adventure. New York and Paris in the summer, I can't wait!

P.S Pics to follow.