Turning Thirty

I turned thirty a few weeks ago. Not gonna lie, it seemed very daunting to turn the big 3-0.
I am still getting use to the fact that my twenties have ended. Scary.
When I was younger thirty seemed so far away but here I am a grown lady. Oh how time flies.

Thirty feels like the age of admission into the grown folks party. You have to be mature and responsible.
No more blaming your silly mistakes on youth.
You better leave those excuses at the door along with your unhealthy habits and reckless living.

Society gives us the impression that by the age of thirty you should have your life together. Money in the bank, a house, a significant other and be on your way to creating a life of happily ever-after.

The truth is, it is hard not to feel like a failure particularly if other people your age seem to have those things and more.

My life hasn't exactly gone the way I envisioned it when I was growing up. I am still a few check marks away from being the successful thirty year old my child's mind created. I definitely expected to be a lot more settled and with a lot more assets in my name.

However,  instead of thinking about what is missing, I am going to focus this year on adding value to the life I am living. There are still so many things I want to accomplish and I actually have the opportunity to live out  my dreams. This will be my year to as they say "come into my own".

My journey continues towards self discovery. After all, thirty is the new twenty.