Weekend has Ended

Ah I survived the first week back to school and it wasn't as bad as I had envisioned in my nightmares.
I had my final observation attended by my Principal, HOFs and Vice-principal. Me thinks it went well. The kids were engaged, attentive and pretty much little angels.Fingers crossed my review will be all positive.
I am so glad to get that over and done with. I can breathe and coast   for the rest of the term.

Well, despite the good week I had I was none the less excited for the weekend.
It wasn't that I had anything exciting planned. It was simply that it was a break from working.
Am I lazy? Maybe just a little....hmmm. May need to work on that, NOT! Lol

Anyway I spent my weekend going out to eat with my friends, watching movies on Netflix and sleeping. I would have to say in my humble opinion, that is the best way to spend those few precious days of freedom from the terrors of teaching little children.

I attended church on Friday followed by a most relaxing afternoon at the pool. Then there was the impromptu pizza and movie event with a couple of the lady friends.

Saturday was more hanging out and a little retail therapy. Later as I lay in bed with a serious case of denial that the weekend was in fact over already, I watched not 1 but all of 2 movies. It made me feel better about my situation.

So there you have it folks, my stunningly exciting weekend.

Nine more weeks until I board a plane bound for the Big Apple.

Oh I have a funny teacher story about when keeping it real goes wrong.
So I wanted to demonstrate to one of my kiddies that she has to always check her water bottle to make sure it isn't leaking before putting it her bag.
Well I took her bottle and was holding it upside down and shaking it to show her that when it is closed no water drips out. Well somehow the cap flies off and there goes water cascading down this poor girl's head.
I felt like such a monster. She looked on the verge of tears as I frantically grabbed for Kleenex to dry her up.
I kept apologizing profusely in both Arabic and English just to make sure she understood that I felt badly about it. Luckily kids love so unconditionally  and she gave me the biggest hug to show me she wasn't mad at me.
Oh, I will be super careful the next time I put on my little demonstration.