Finding The Pearl

So I was talking to a single lady friend the other day.
It was the typical catching up convo you have with your friend who lives in another country.
I inquired about her love life or rather lack thereof.
Of course since mine doesn't have a pulse either, we exchanged woes.
She said a friend of hers had recommended
As some of you know or maybe not, I've given online dating a shot before.
I was not lucky enough to find my prince but I believe that it's a legit and decent option for the busy folks who haven't met someone the conventional way.
My friend however ain't got time for that.
Her reason being that she doesn't want to become fodder for the fools out there on the world wide web who pose as decent and honest men.
If you've ever seen Catfish on MTV then you will understand that this it is a valid fear.
She just isn't up for that risk.
My counter argument was that you are just as likely to meet a creep on the street as you are on the 'net.
They exist everywhere. They wear sagging jeans or business suits.They come to you in all sorts of wrapping paper.
The thing is that any relationship you enter into is a risk. You never know what you're gonna get until you get it.

I always wonder how people manage to find the "ONE."
How do you know that the person in front of you, isn't some creeptastic dirt bag?
I guess you just have to dive in and see what you catch (hopefully not an STD).
You may catch one of those awful puffer fish that stabs you in the hand and makes you bleed or you may just catch an oyster with a pearl.