Hair and Now

Hi guys, just wanted to take some time from my super busy weekend (heehee, who am I kidding, I've been laid up in bed pretty much the whole day) to share a photo of my 'fro.

I am very happy with the progress my hair has made since this journey began almost a year ago.
Never in my life have I been this committed to anything as I have been to maintaining healthy hair.
I co-wash, deep con and twist regularly to get my hair to the place I want it to be.
The hard work is paying off. I have finally gotten over the rough patch I experience from dying my hair and the damaged parts have been annihilated.
The little 'fro is on the rise and pretty soon I will be rocking a fierce afro.

The most important step for me has been investing in a water filter. The water here is no joke. It is harsh and damaging. You can tell from all the anti-hair fall potions that are sold in the stores.
The filter has been a hair savior and it was worth every dirham I paid.

My tub of organic extra virgin coconut oil has also been a key player in the health of my hair. If you don't  know about it, you better ask somebody!
Coconut oil is amaze balls.
I massage a little into my hair, leave it on for 30-45 minutes, then rinse and viola I have beautiful, untangled hair.
I also coat the ends of my hair to help keep them moisturized throughout the week.
Sometimes I spritz my hair with a little concoction I threw together made up of filtered water, aloe vera juice/gel, tea tree, lavender, sage and rosemary oils, rose water and glycerine.
This mix adds moisture to my hair. I live in a desert y'all and the climate can be severely drying for my natural coils.
Oh and I use my Shea Moisture Curling Souffle mixed with a little Eco Styler Gel (amazing new addition to my arsenal of products) to do my twist outs.
awesomeness in a jar

So there it is folks. Just me and my 'fro living it up in Abu Dhabi.
I have loved every minute of this natural journey and have no regrets about the decision I made.

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