How Deep Is Your Love?

For fashion? 
What are you willing to endure to look hot?

I love shoes and fashion just as much as the next fashionista.  I try my best to stay fly. Lol, sometimes.
However, comfort takes precedence over fashion.
It makes no sense to have on a pair of heels and they're killing you softly.
I've been there before and let me tell you I dang near lost my eye-sight from the pain. I truly understood the term "blinded by pain". 
I have since learned my lesson.
 Anywho, I came across this photo of Kim Kardashian and I suddenly had a flashback to my own painful experience.

She looks great until you get to her feet. Whoa nurse!
Like seriously those little piggies are having the last breath squeezed out of them. 
I can't imagine that she isn't in pain. Plus she is heavily pregnant which must add extra pressure to her feet. 
Lady, it is time to put the heels away and wear some sandals. 
She has more than enough money to buy herself some amazing shoes that would look less like torture devices. There is no excuse for this kind of cruelty.   
If my feet were that swollen I would be wearing my plushest house slippers everywhere.
Ain't nobody got time for pain! 

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