I Love You But You Ain't Love Me Back

I love stripes. Like seriously.
Unfortunately, they don' t love me back.
That is what the people in fashion would have me to believe.
I was born with the type of torso that few women envy. I am short with an even shorter torso, kinda wide. I don't really have a waist.
Horizontal stripes therefore are not my friends.
They do nothing to compliment my figure and should never be invited into my closet.
The sad thing is that I cannot resist them.They beckon to me from the shops and I must answer.
bought this from J.Crew

I also really love the new shoe collection from Zara. I wasn't a big Zara fan but lately I've been really impressed by their stuff.
This new collection features loads of sexy pumps and flats with ankle straps. I love a good ankle strap. Yes ma'am. 
Again, another sad case of unrequited love. Apparently I'm not supposed to wear those either. I have short legs and ankle strap chops them off at an awkward place and makes them look stumpy.

***All shoes from Zara
Seriously, how is a girl supposed to turn her back on these? 

Let's also talk about pencil skirts while I'm at it. Ugh...
They're chic and sexy and make you look super put together.
Can't wear 'em. My hips are too wide. And I'm kinda curvy aka chubby. "They" say. 



Omg stripes, pencil skirt and ankle straps in one outfit. Awesomeness at it's finest!!!
Do I just say to heck with what the fashion people say and do what I want? 
Hell yeah. I own a few pencil skirts and some strip tops. I am working on acquiring a pair or two of those awesome Zara sandals this summer.

I am all about doing what is right for your body and being aware of what accentuates your God given assets. However, I also believe in wearing what makes you happy. If you feel comfortable and genuinely happy in what you have on, that counts for a lot.