Saturday with Kate Spade

Saturday Kate Spade Passport Holder
I am a huge fan of Kate Spade.
I own a couple bags, wallets and cosmetic pouches from the company and I am super happy with the quality of the products.

Recently Kate Spade launched their Saturday line of goods, I guess it is a more casual side to their Kate
Spade New York line.
It's quirky and fun and cute. Oh and a lot more affordable. Big bonus for me.
Since I'm on the regular mailing list, I received an email announcing the launch of Saturday. I pounced on the site of course.
Immediately a few things caught my eye.
Check 'em out!
cosmetic pouch
cute blue watch

This sweet watch

I still have to probe around the site some more, but these are the items that have my attention right now.

Head over and see for yourself. You may find something/s you love.!!!
P.S. Free shipping. 

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