Weekend Recap

This weekend was way fun and too short.
Big Sigh.
It went far too quickly as usual.

In an effort to really get out and enjoy the weekends to the max, my friends and I have committed to actually going out and doing things.

One of those "things" on our to-do list is hitting up the beaches more frequently.
A new public beach was just availed to us Sadiyaat Island and since it was Jenny's birthday, we decided to head out over there on Friday morning to check it out.
It was definitely worth it.The weather was great for a beach day.
Omg! The water was amazingly clear and cool. I could see the little fishes, and had a few scary encounters with sting rays swimming very closely to me. Ok, not so scary cause they were babies but terrifying nonetheless.
The beach wasn't very packed and there were parts that were unoccupied which made for a lovely stroll.

Fun times with a great friend. 

Jenny frolicking 

Me trying to look sexy, lol.

Later that night, we got dolled up and went out for sushi at Sushi Central. 
Oh it was so good. 
I had been having a serious hankering for sushi and it totally took care of the yearning. 
the good stuff

my sexi sushi face. lol

Jen's sushi face
Jen's hubby. Hmmm...I think he was mad that we were disturbing his personal moment with a salmon roll. 
the gorgeous b-day girl.

Kalli's sushi face. She is too cute!
On Saturday, we went to see Iron Man 3 which I loved. So funny and RDJ is hot. Me likey. 
I also engaged in a little retail therapy. 
Sadly, I lost a pair of Ray Bans a couple years ago and I was very scared to replace them. didn't want to make that kind of investment again in sunnies. 
However as I was walking through the mall, I spotted a store with Ray Bans in the front. I stopped just to try them on and there was a sale going on. You know how much I love a sale. 
I wasn't convinced to spend the money, it was still a lot to spend impulsively. 
As I turned to leave, I noticed a pair of blue and orange pair in a locked case. 
They were not as expensive as the others and with the sale, there was no way I was gonna leave them behind. They were waiting there for me to rescue them.
So happy!

This was really one of the best weekends I've had in a while. 
It feels good to get out and spend time with my friends, they're the reason I've been loving this experience so far. 
Hope you had a great  weekend yourself.