He Makes Me Sweat

Today I had a date with a man I had almost forgotten. 
A moment of nostalgia will cause my mind to drift back to days spend together.

Me sweaty and breathing hard, him coaxing me to let go and trust him.
He knew what I needed and without failure he always delivered, leaving me spent and anticipating the next encounter.

Today's meeting was no different. My body aches and I am already caught up, addicted to the sound of his voice. Tomorrow, I promise I will get up, get dressed and meet him because once isn't enough.

He is fearless and he makes me want to be the same.
Even when I am tired, I push myself because I know the reward is worth it. 

With heart pounding I let myself go and surrender. Nothing else matters but those precious moments when I am free to be me.

Seriously guys if you've never tried Tae Bo with Billy Blanks you need to. This guy knows how to make you sweat like a beast!