Ladies Night, Oh What a Night.

Thursday night I went out for a long over due and much needed night with the ladies.
We headed over to Saadiyat Island to the Monte Carlo Beach Club for ladies night.

I wanted to enjoy some drinks but not in the typical club environs. I just don't have that much fun at the clubs. It feels like a meat market and everyone is on the prowl. Not my type of scene.

The ambiance and mood created by just the right amount of lighting and the sound of the ocean in the background  made the Beach Club the perfect venue for some chill time with friends.
It's an outside bar and lounge with tables and couches perfectly situated to provide you with a view of either the ocean or the amazing pool.
The ocean in the background made the place a lot more pleasant cause it was hot as Hades but not unbearable due to the wonderful sea breeze that kept the heat at bay.

The DJ was on point spinning a mix of House and Hip Hop music and despite the heat, people were on the dance floor dancing their hearts out.

I was feeling the effects of too much fun the next but it was totally worth it.
Fun and free!!! Can't get any better than that folks.