My Weekend in Paradise

The weekend is over and as usual it was way too short and I am a little bitter.
I didn't do much but the little I did was awesome. 
I am sure you're curious so I won't blabber on too much longer. I'm just gonna cut to the chase.
Here's the truth folks. I went to paradise.

Well, if paradise was a beach on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi that is.

On Saturday my always up for an adventure friend Kalli and I donned our swimsuits (I was brave enough to stuff my chubby self into a 2 piece) and headed out to the beach. 
chubby me in bikini...eek!

It was a scorcher of a day as most days are, now that summer is fast approaching reminding us that we do indeed live in a desert even if it's on an island. 

We didn't let that stop our fun though. Braving the blistering sun we made our way to the beach and it was worth it. 

Words can''t even begin to describe how amazing this little beach is. 
As I strolled along the shore I forgot that I was in the Middle East. The crystal clearness of the waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean. 
It was so calming and peaceful and relaxing. I breathed so many sighs of relief it's a wonder I didn't expire right there in those blue waters. 
It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Any morning as a matter of fact would be just fine in my book. 
showing my legs, just cause

reminds you of the islands doesn't it?
Ok folks, you gotta to go to this beach! You just gotta! (Two exclamations cause it's that serious).