Packing for Abu Dhabi

As I packed my bags last year for my big move, I was worried that a lot of the things that I had grown accustomed to in NY would be unavailable to me once I got to Abu Dhabi.

I tried to get information from the Facebook groups and a serious panic set in.
I had to stock up on everything, according to what people were saying. Like everything.
So I packed a whole suitcase with lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes. I packed body washes and hair products and advil. Lady products for the entire year and then some. I even packed measuring cups.

Imagine my utter surprise when I got here only to discover that people actually use all these products and that they are readily and easily accessible in the stores.
Anything I wanted for the most part was available.
I was kinda mad, seriously I could have used that space for shoes. I did not bring enough.

The only good thing I can say that came of it is not having to buy any of those things since being here but, I don't have enough shoes. Glass half empty.

Thinking about it, there really isn't anything that I had in America that I haven't been able to get here. The brands that I am familiar with are all here, just maybe a little bit more expensive but they're here.

I would suggest bringing your favorite brand of make-up. I only wear powder and foundation from Mary-Kay and most lip colors from Tarte neither of which they have here.
There is Sephora and Mac as well as a bunch of other make-up companies to get just about anything you want. The ladies here a serious about their make-up.

If you are on your way over, save the extra room in the suitcase for things you love. Bring all your favorite clothes ladies, including your shorts and bikinis. You can wear them here.

At the end of the day, if there is something you can't find you will adjust quickly to life without it. There are tons of other options here and tons of new things to try. You'll live.

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