School's Out. Time to Boogie

My first year of teaching in the UAE has almost come to a close.
It's hard to imagine that it is over, just a few weeks ago I was counting down 10 weeks and now in the blink of an eye those weeks have simply vanished.
I am not complaining though. It's good to get a break, the kids were done mentally and it was becoming harder to keep them engaged.

Last Thursady we had our class parties for KG1 which meant that the kids wouldn't show up today or for the rest of the week.
Strangely enough I had one kid show up. Don't know what that was about. Luckily he entertained himself on One of the Arabic teacher told him not to come back, school is done.

The kids typically start falling off and the numbers begin to dwindle the closer it gets to end of the year. My school isn't so bad in numbers because we are on an airforce base and the kids live on base so they usually come almost till the end. This is much better than some schools.

The party was to signify that we had completed the year and it was time to shut those books and let our hair down, as much as you can with 4-5 year olds.
The end  was a little anti-climatic to tell the truth. The kids didn't understand that they would be leaving for a whole 2 months so after the party they ran to the bus as per usual.
I suppose I am a bit sentimental but I expected the parting to be a little more emotional. Not crying or anything but really a proper good-bye with big hugs. Hahah, they're four years old. They don't understand.

Oh well!

I have to say that I really enjoyed my first year. There were challenges along the way but it was definitely better than my first year teaching in the US. Like a million times better.
I loved my kids and I know they loved me back which made my job that much easier.
The parents also were pleased, some have  even requested that I move up to KG2 with the kids.
Inshallah. I really want to and so does my co-teacher. We put a lot of work into training those kids and it would make for a smooth sail next year. Fingers crossed.

So there it is. The end.
Well sort of. I still have to go in to work which will involve a lot of sitting about and some PD. not really looking forward to that but at least I won't have to plan lessons and have kids.
Super excited to go home. Six more weeks and then I will be NY bound.