Seeking Professional Help

this has nothing to do with the post but I love this pic. lol

Umm.. So four more working days.
Be still my galloping heart. I can't hardly wait to be free.
As exciting as this news is, that isn't my real reason for posting today. 

So you know how I've been trying to lose weight like forever, it was one of my goals for the new year. Well, I have been mildly successful.
 I think I've lost close to ten pounds. I could have done a lot better but there is always some kind of eating involved in everything I do and I really love food. So mushkila kabir (Arabic for big problem).

Well, I have decided to call in the big guns for help.
I have set an appointment to see a nutritionist who will create a plan for weight loss specifically catering to me.
I am going on the recommendation of a friend who had amazing success working with this doctor.

I need someone to analyze my eating, and basically tell me what to eat. It will all be based on my body composition and nutritional needs.

Since I am paying money, I figure it will help me to be more committed.
I will continue to keep you posted on my progress.
I have exactly two weeks before I go home and I want to be a bit thinner to make room for all the foods I will consume. Lol, sounds counter productive I know.