Summer Plans-Pt 1

Happy first day of summer my friends! I don't know if you are as excited as I am...actually I know you aren't. You can't possibly be.

I love summer. Especially summer in NY. There is always so much to do.
Street fairs, free concerts in the park, movies in the park, picnics and the list goes on and on.

It's a million degrees hot, which I am sure I won't mind having been here in the height of summer and the only place that might be hotter than Abu Dhabi is hell.

Okay so back to how excited I am.
I get to see my mommy. That is reason enough to be excited cause she is amazing and I have totally missed her face. We have so much catching up to do over dinners and movies and picnics in the park and watching Judge Judy and oh my like everything we haven't done together since August 9, 2012.


 I will get to see these faces. These ladies who are my sisters and friends, and my baby who is too big now for me to call a baby but I will anyway cause she still is my baby.

I plan to spend many hours just chatting and laughing and eating and picnic-ing with these folks.
Edie, my precious god-daughter

Mona bestie since we were 10

Shauna, Edie's mommy.
Moya, my adopted baby sis.

There is more to be told.
Check out part deux soon.

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