Weekend Fun

The weekend is coming to a close and tomorrow will be the beginning of the end. It's the last week of work and to say I am excited is an understatement.
Every day I speak to my mom she counts down the weeks left before I fly home. She is too cute.

This weekend was nice and easy. Very relaxed and
Friday I pretty much spent the day eating. It began with a lovely Jamaican breakfast with a dear sweet friend also Jamaican.
The traditional dish of  Ackee and Salt-fish, with a little bacon thrown in for extra flavor served up with some fried dumplings. Heaven!

Then a potluck with tons more food. You would think that after my breakfast, which was quite hearty that I would be done for the day. Well you would be wrong my friends. I grazed my way through the potluck which lasted several hours.

Later I met up with my friend Khadijah. There was more eating involved as we had tea and frozen yogurt.
We went to a very cute cafe called Cafe Arabia tea. The decor is very Arabian. Turkish lamps hung from the ceiling, shisha pipes strategically scattered about the place and beautiful hand made Arabian crafts artfully littering the tables and books shelves.
We took advantage of the beautiful setting to do a little photo session for a project we are working on.

Later that night, because all that was not enough, we went for Shisha. Again I ate some more food.
By the end of the night I was definitely feeling it. I was almost in a food coma by the time I got home.

P.S. I got new glasses. Yay!!!
Ray Ban. I think I am obsessed with the brand.