Hey folks,  only four more days left before I go home. Yipeee!

As I mentioned in this post, I have acclimated quite nicely to life here in the UAE. For the most part I have grown accustomed to the way things are around here.
The "inshallahs" when you ask someone a question. Essentially, things happen when God wills it. Whenever that is.
I now know not to expect a straight answer or that anything will be done according to a schedule. I am cool with that, thanks to a Type C personality. I am way flexible.

I've gotten used to being called "Ma'am sir" by the certain people in the service industry (I guess it isn't as obvious to them what my gender is?) or being asked what is my "good name" in reference to my first name.

I've even gotten used to the traditional attire worn by people here in the UAE. Seeing women with their entire faces veiled in black doesn't turn my head the way it did when I first got here. The abayas have won me over, in fact so much so that I now own a few. I wear one to work almost everyday. Let me tell you of the wonders of those loose black dresses. They are the best on those rare occasions when you wake up with only five minutes to spare and no time to change out of your pjs. You throw your abaya on and go (That's what my friends tell me...wink).

There are some things though that will never cease to leave me scratching my head in wonderment.

  1. The lack of car seats for children. It is not uncommon to see babies/toddlers riding on the dashboards of cars, hanging out the windows or jumping around in moving vehicles. Sometimes you see parents with children in their laps rather than securely strapped into a seat. I am always in a state of shock when I see this and I will never get used to it. 
  2. People who call in their order to Starbucks,  McDonalds or any fast food establishment, whilst sitting outside said establishment in their vehicle waiting for someone to come out and serve them. Privileged much? 
  3. Parking. There are just no rules for driving here it seems but parking is especially interesting. People literally stop their cars wherever the feel. In the middle of the road, in no parking zones, in two spots, anywhere. This is super annoying especially when they park behind your car and you either have to wait until they decide to return or go in search of them. No Bueno. 
  4. The love for processed cheese and Nutella. I don't get it. Everyday my kids brought sandwiches with either creamy white processed cheese slathered between white bread or the Nutella version of the same sandwich. Huge jars of cheese and Nutella dominate the supermarket shelves. What the heck is the obsession with these two specific food items?
These consistently leave me asking WTH?