Celebrity Sighting and Other Travel Woes

I don't know about you but one of my favorite things in the world to do is sit in airport terminals for interminable hours waiting to catch my connecting flight (insert extreme sarcasm here).

The only thing that wards off the life threatening ennui is the possibility of celebrity sightings.
Even in the most obscure airports like Bahrain International or something like that, I harbor the unrealistic hope that maybe I will see Jay-Z and his entourage come rolling through or maybe I will witness Naomi Campbell throwing a cell phone at some unsuspecting reservations person. 
Actually any celebrity will do, as long as they've appeared on tv, I won't mind.

The chances significantly improve in bigger airports, better to be stuck in those for sure.
I was hoping my 9.5 hours lay-over in Charles de Gaulle airport in France would prove to be goose that laid the golden egg so to speak.
Instead, I get the girl who doesn't realize that shouting into her cell-phone does not make the person on the other end hear her any better,while switching between her mother tongue and valley girl "oh my God"s.

I suppose holing myself up in the furthest recesses of Starbucks and spending all my time there does nothing to improve my chances any.

Traveling for me is like baking. I love the end result but not the process of getting there.
I am definitely excited to get home but having to deal with the waiting and the flying and the sitting and the swollen feet and the eyeliner-stained eyes is more than my poor heart can endure.

I am exhausted and to make matters worse I haven't seen a single solitary celebrity. 
Bloody hell!