Greetings from New York

Me having an lovely adult beverage...yum!
Hey friends!!!  Happy Monday.
I am alive and well, trying to survive the heat wave that hit New York in celebration of my return.
Things are great. I've seen a bunch of friends, my god-baby and best of all my momma.

I haven't been doing too much. Mostly resting because jet lag is no joke folks.
It feels great to be home and I have settled in quite nicely.

As you can see, I have long hair now.
Braiding is my summer time hairstyle go to. It makes life so much easier with the heat and humidity. Natural hair doesn't do well under those conditions, at least mine doesn't so getting this protective style is a great way of protecting my hair from the harsh elements.

Last night I went out to a roof top lounge in the city with my brunch buddy Shellorne. She is really good at finding new and interesting places to visit, which is great. I am usually the one planning stuff, so to have someone else do the planning is awesome. It was nice to get out to the city and be in a nice smoke-free environment, sipping on cocktails.
Shellorne and I, hamming it up. 

Ok, so that's it so far. Be back with more later.
Hopefully, I'll have tons of exciting things and pics to share.