And... I'm Back

I saw this beautiful orchid and had to capture it. in five days. It's hard to believe that my summer break is almost over. Where has the time gone?
Ok, so I know I may sound a little greedy considering that it was practically a three month break from the kids but it still feels too short. I want more, more I tell ya!!!

Being back in the UAE feels normal, like I am home. Weird but it feels more home than when I went back to NY.
Maybe it's because I am back in my apartment that I decorated. When you've invested so much time and energy into a place, you feel a certain attachment to the place that is difficult to sever.

I've been trying to make the best of this last week of freedom. Lunching with friends who I didn't have a chance to see before going home and going to the gym
I have to make an attempt to undo the damage I did in NY and Paris. I ate like a beast, but man was it all worth it. NY is another year away, had to take advantage of the yummies that were there. And Paris, well who can diet in Paris??? Absurdity.

I am going to give Paleo another try. It seems easy enough once I get past the initial few days of sugar withdrawals. Let's hope I can survive the next thirty days. If I get through those then I think I will have a greater chance of succeeding. Fingers crossed.

Oh, I got my UAE driver's license. The process was super easy. When you're from the US, UK or Ireland all you have to do is get the license from your home country translated and then pay a few bucks and they give you a license for the UAE. I was in and out in thirty minutes.
Hahaha, surprisingly hassle free and uncomplicated.
I am so nervous about driving here. Plus, the idea of driving alone in the car scares me but I can't let my fear get in my way again. I know I will be fine, lots of praying and trusting in God.