Please Let Me Testify

Hey folks,

I have some awesome news to share with you.

If you've followed my blog for a bit, you know that it has been a goal of mine to get my driver's license.
I started taking lessons from a cousin over a decade ago but after a traumatic experience, I pretty much resigned myself to public transportation. Living in NY was the perfect excuse, you don't need to drive here.

I was simply too terrified to get behind the wheels and drive. The very thought of driving on the streets set my heart racing and I just pictured all sorts of crazy stuff happening.
So for the last ten years I've been putting it off because of fear.

Deep down I knew it was not the right thing to do, and I had a little voice that refused to be quiet telling me I had to do it eventually. I couldn't let fear impede me from doing something.
Unfortunately, I would just ignored that voice.

Last year before my move to Abu Dhabi, I signed up for lessons. I had decided that 2012 was going to be the year I finally told my fear to "shove it". I took one class but when the opportunity came up to go to Jamaica and see my family instead of continuing the classes, I literally jumped at it.
So there went 2012 and no license.

Cabs are cheap in Abu Dhabi and I am able to get around. Plus I have really nice friends who are willing to give me rides every now and then. Luckily, I also have a couple of co-workers who live near to me and I car-pool with them to work. 

It's funny how things happen in our lives that act as a catalyst to get us out of our comfort zone.After a very uncomfortable situation at work with another co-worker about a ride, I knew that it was time for me to get it together and get my license.
It was as if God was saying "I've been telling you nicely to get it done and now I am letting you know not so nicely".
God revealed to me that fear is not an option as long as I trust in him. He would make it alright and I didn't have to worry about driving. 

I decided that for sure 2013 was the year. So I got the ball rolling while still in Abu Dhabi. I booked the road test date and signed up for classes. I was far from feeling ready but I knew that God had control of everything.

Two days after arriving in NY, I began my lessons.
Truth be told, I was still a little scared but I kept praying for God to take away all my fear. The fear slowly began to dissipate and was replaced by confidence.
Just for extra boost of confidence and faith, I asked for prayer at my church.

With only two weeks of practice under my belt, I took the road test.
Things hadn't gone well with my 3 point turns and my parallel parking during practice.
I was nervous that I hadn't perfected them the day before the test. Doubt crept in but I just continued to pray. 
The test was not great, the lady administering the it literally yelled at me like  four times but I remained calm and continued my test.
She eventually yelled at me to pull over. I sat nervously as she took my paperwork out of her bag. I held my breath as she held it in her hand, for a minute I thought she was going to hand it back to be, a sure sign of failure. Instead she unfolded it and put it in the main part of her bag along with all the other paperwork of people who had passed.
Sighing, she handed me my temporary receipt and said " Here's your temporary license".

When I showed my instructor the receipt he said she was really generous with me.
I know for a fact that God was definitely on my side. People with far more experience driving have failed.
It was not my great skill, trust me. If you had seen me making those turns you would know. lol

Don't worry, I am a good driver. And I actually nailed my turns and parallel parking during the test. They were perfect.

I wanted to share this story with you to let you know that no matter what you want, if you pray and BELIEVE then God will make it happen. It might not be when you want it but it will happen.
Faith is a big part of the equation, you have to trust him and speak positively.