Seen Through My Lens- Flowers

Hello peeps,
Today I am sharing just a few images I've captured while out and about in the city.

Usually I share my photos over  here but I wanted to give you a chance to see them since most of you are familiar with this blog.
Please stop by the other blog to check out some of my stuff.

New York is such a marvelous city to refine your photography skills.
There are tons of interesting things and people everywhere. Definitely never short on inspiration.

I really love the little corner grocery shops in the city with their stalls of fresh flowers.  My favorites are lilies and sunflowers.

My intention was to get up close and personal with the flowers (sounds kinda creepy, eek).
The background wasn't that interesting, so I eliminated it in each photo. 

I am also experimenting with a way to tag my work.
If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop me a note. Still in the learning stage and have so much know.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and you had a chance to expereince some of the beauty I witnessed in the city.

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