City Driving

It's amazing what a little confidence and a ton of prayer can do for you.

If you had told me a year ago that I would  have a car and be driving, I would have politely called you a liar. I just didn't think I could do it but here I am doing it.

This weekend was HUGE. I went to the car company picked out a little Ford Figo and spent the weekend driving around Abu Dhabi.

The hardest part was driving to work this morning. Unfortunately for me, I drive on one of the craziest routes in the city.
Picture huge buses transporting laborers, trucks transporting all sorts of commercial crap, drivers who hate to drive slowly and me, a brand new driver with less than a month total of driving experience.
Yeah kinda scary.
All thanks be to God though, I made it to work and back safely.

Parking is another beast I must tackle. The spots here are so tiny and I have to confess that I never practiced parking in parking spots only parallel parking.
Today a very nice lady had to park my car in the parking spot for me. lol. Don't know what I am gonna do when she isn't around tomorrow.
Everyone says it will get better and easier as time goes along.
I just have to believe it and continue to ask for God's favor and increased patience with myself.
I am really hard on myself for not mastering the whole parking thing but my friend Khadijah kindly reminded me that it has only been a day and I need to cut myself some slack. At least I made it through the day in one piece.
Inshallah tomorrow will be better.
Fingers crossed!!