Me and my 'Fro

The weekend is upon us and I for one, am super happy.
This past week seemed to have slipped by so quickly but you won't hear me complaining, no siree.

I spent last night taking out my braids and freeing my 'fro. Yay! Feels so good to have her back.
I am smiling here because I am happy, my 'fro is free and behaving like I want.

I am sad because I think one side of my face is collapsing, like something is seriously wrong with half of my face. Look on the photo above and notice that fold of flesh on my cheek that seems to be taking over my face. Notice that deep line? That wasn't there before. Yikes!!!

My hair has grown a bit but of course you can't tell because after I washed it, it recoiled and shrank. Boo!!!
Oh well, such is the plight of the natural girl.

Life otherwise is good. Driving was way better this week.
I even went out to meet up with a friend for tea at the mall. Go me!
Oh a really sweet friend from work gave me flowers because she saw me navigating my way home on the highway and she said she felt so proud of me.
It was one of the nicest things someone has ever done just because.

my lovely flowers

I am looking forward to spending the rest of my weekend just relaxing and maybe getting some reading done.

Wishing you guys a wonderful and safe weekend.