Weekly Wishes #3

I am really awful at keeping up with the weekly wishes post featured on The Nectar Collective. I am a week behind but it's ok. Better late than never, right?

Ok so my wishes for the last time I posted were as follows.
  1. Work out minimum of 4 days. I did really well last week and I want to keep the momentum going. If I can make it to the gym 4 times at least, I will be super happy. 
I am proud to say I kicked butt with this. I went to the gym exactly 4 days and I feel awesome.

   2.  Prepare all the activities for my kids ahead of time and have it all planned out. This was my  challenge this week and I want to be more organized and not run around trying to come up with stuff for them. 
This was also a success this week. I got my act together and prepped and it really made life a lot easier. Wohooo. Still have a ways to go but I am getting there. 

3.Stick to my 30 days cleanse. I cheated and had cake this week. I think I will re-start the 30 days and my goal is to make it through the next week without cheating. I was doing so well!!! I just want to commit to something and follow through completely.

I did pretty an ok job. I didn't have anything super bad for me, just 2 pumps of white mocha in my ice shaker at Starbucks. I won't beat myself up over that. As far as I am concerned I am still on track. Even though the pounds aren't melting away as fast as I would like, I feel good and healthy so I guess that is more important. 

My wishes/goals for this upcoming week are: 

1. Work out, work out, work out.  I will go to the gym 4 days.

2. I want to focus on my spending habits. I tend to be a little too free with my debit and credit cards and I don't need it to get out of control. I will put them away and only use cash that I have allotted myself for the week. Once it's gone, khallas. No more spending.

 That's it. I think those are pretty lofty goals. Inshallah I will have a great week!