Weekly Wishes #2

Wow week three of school is done and gone.
Time waits for no one.

Speaking of time, I can't believe that a whole year of me living here has actually passed already.
Year two is well under way and I am still happy that I made the move. No regrets. YOLO...lol

I am participating in the weekly wishes link up on the Nectar Collective.

So here are my wishes/goals for next week.

  1. Work out minimum of 4 days. I did really well last week and I want to keep the momentum going. If I can make it to the gym 4 times at least, I will be super happy.
  2. Prepare all the activities for my kids ahead of time and have it all planned out. This was my challenge this week and I want to be more organized and not run around trying to come up with stuff for them. 
  3. Stick to my 30 days cleanse. I cheated and had cake this week. I think I will re-start the 30 days and my goal is to make it through the next week without cheating. I was doing so well!!! I just want to commit to something and follow through completely. 

That's it folks. I am looking forward to reporting my successes next Friday.