A Few Minor Changes

Hi folks,
I hope that for those who still have a few hours left of the weekend that you are enjoying it and for those of you like myself who went back to work today, well I hope you had a great day.

Sad times for me creatively, I had to delete my photography blog. I must have done something crazy with my photos on my google account and so all my photos from my old posts are gone.
Even on this blog all the photos from past posts have turned up missing. I'm not sure what the problem was but it seemed like an easier fix here than on the other blog. I figured I'd just go ahead and consolidate the content of the two blogs.
Why not?
So expect to see more of my photography around here.

Do you notice anything different??? Here's a clue..look up top.
Somebody has a blog makeover.
That had to do with losing the picture that I used as my banner, so I went ahead a made this one which I am quite pleased with. I was being creative, well as much as someone without any graphic design skills can get.

Just a few changes, nothing big. Hope that you guys will continue to read about my super exciting life. LOL.

Now, I am off to watch another episode of Breaking Bad.