Ghost in my Apartment

Check out the top picture. One minute she is there and the next she isn't. 

I am almost too embarrassed to write this.
I've contemplated whether or not I should actually do it but my mom convinced me that I should laugh about it and that will help me to get over the whole thing. So here goes.

Last Tuesday I decided to take some photos of my apartment for the blog. I wanted to share the new look with you folks.
Well in the process I decided to take some selfies, you know cause the lighting was great and I was testing out my new Samsung Galaxy.
After taking a bunch of pictures I noticed an apparition in a few of the pictures.  It appeared to be a lady and she looked like a character from the Ring or some other scary movie ( I don't watch scary movies by the way because I am easily spooked).
I posted the picture on my Facebook page and the response from other people only confirmed my suspicions that it was a ghost. I was beyond scared.
There was just no logical solution for what could have cause such a presence in the picture.
People wondered if I had photoshopped it. I don't have Phototshop (too expensive) and to be honest I am just not that morbid or creative.

For three days I was completely terrified to be in my apartment. Not gonna lie, I spent one night literally crying in my bed.
I even asked my security guy if someone had died in my apartment.  Hey don't judge, you would have done the same.

Well I invited some friends over for dinner on Friday and I was telling them about the ghost. I showed them the picture and the husband said that it had to be something from my phone. This caused me to really begin to think about it. Still nothing could come to mind as to what could be the cause of the ghost like lady.
It wasn't like I was using a film camera where the possibility of taking picture over picture existed.

The following day I showed my other friends the picture. At this point I was a little bit more rational in my thinking. There had to be some kind of explanation. It suddenly clicked in my head as we were talking to check my phone again.
Low and behold I found the camera that I used. It wasn't the regular camera but one I had downloaded for the extra editing features.
As soon as I opened it I saw a setting for ghost. LOL! The app adds a ghost to whatever picture you take.
I must have accidentally turned this feature on without realizing it.

Just for verification purposes I took a picture of my friend and guess who was in the picture with her.
Man did I feel DUMB.

Not my finest moment at all.
I feel like the world's biggest fool and I had to call my friends who had been so worried about me and explain to them what had happened.

Seriously though, it could have been totally real. Ghosts do exist, right???