I'd Call it a Good Day

Hooray I am on vacation!!!

The country is celebrating Eid which is a Islamic holiday and government employees have been blessed with a week's holiday. 

That means I don't have to go back to work until the 20th. Can you say AMAZING? 

I am so happy to get the chance to relax and bum around my house.

Many people are traveling but since I want to go to Thailand for December break, I decided it would be too much to spend  to travel now. 
Staycations are just as great and I can catch up on my reading, hang out at the pool and sleep until late. Sounds like winning in my book.

Oh by the way they dismissed the kids at 10 and  we got out of work at 10:30 today. That never happens but we got a new principal  this year and she made the decision that we could go. Normally we would be sitting around the school for hours after the kids left doing absolutely nothing. Didn't make sense. 
Yay to changes. 

I received some gifts too which made my day even better. 
One of my students gave me a big bag of goodies. I got a bunch of perfumes and a purse and a box which I thought was a jewelry box but when I opened it, there was a beautiful scarf, more perfume and the brooches pictured below. 

My co-teacher also gave me a gift of perfume and a house dress. 
That was so sweet of her. Totally wasn't expecting a gift.
I love good surprises.

This beautiful scarf from my student. 

Loads of Arabic perfume...smells amazing and potent. There was more perfume in the box when I opened it. 

brooches...not sure why I need 2 but they are pretty
I hope you are having as great a day as I am.