Keep Pushing

I've been doing Paleo and working out pretty consistently for the past two months.
There were times when I felt discouraged because my body wasn't evolving as quickly as I wanted it to. The weight wasn't melting away and I felt like my hard work wasn't paying off.

Well, sometimes the change isn't visible to the eye but it is there.
Today I wore a pair of pants that I had not worn in over a year. They'd been sitting in my closet for months, I couldn't get them over my thighs much less to button them up.
It is such a feeling of accomplishment to actually be able to wear them and they're even a bit loose.

This was the motivation I needed to help me stick to my plan. I can't give up now, I have come a long way and I have to keep going.
saggy crotch because they're loose in the waist and the belt isn't doing a good job of holding the pants up. 

I am terrible at these shots by the May need to practice so I can share more selfies with you guys. 
Anyway these are the pants, see they're a little loose especially in the waist which you can't see but take my word for it.
Yay me!!!