Weekly Wishes #5

Last Week's Wishes

1. I need to practice my photography. I have a new camera and I've rarely used it, that needs to change. My wish is that I will find make the time to actually use my camera.

I did it! Well, I went on a trip to Oman and it was the perfect opportunity for me to get some practice. I took lots of shots and I am really excited to share them with you at some point.

2. No sugar this week. I want to lose 2 pounds and I need to stick to my plan. The weekend is the problem so my wish is that I will have the will power to resist the temptations.

Not sure if I lost the 2 pounds but I am feeling way better. I haven't had any sugar in 2 weeks. Yay! It's a lot easier than I thought to give it up. 

3. Plan for my December vacation. My wish is that I will have a solid plan formulated so that I can buy my ticket early while prices are still relatively cheap. I'm thinking Thailand. Any suggestions???? Feel free to offer them up.

I booked a hotel in Bangkok. That's one step in the process. I just need to buy the plane ticket and I am set. 

This Week's Wishes

1. Blog about my recent camping trip to Oman over the Eid break. 

2. Edit pictures from said trip.

3. Finalize Thailand trip. 

4. Clean my house. It is a HOT MESS.