A Spot of Good News

This week seemed like the longest week ever at work. I was exhausted and grumpy. Not a good look for me.
I tend to turn into Negative Nellie, something I dislike about myself (working on it). Let's just say I am glad it is over.
Weekend, I welcome you.

On to more positive things.
I am in the process of buying a car! I still can't believe it. Still pinching myself.
If you read this post then you will understand that this is a huge step for me. Just a few short months ago I was so terrified of driving. Thankfully, my fear is gone and I will be a car owner.

Financially it just makes sense to buy rather than continuing to rent. At the end of the day I can re-sell the car and make a little of the money back. My monthly payments will actually be cheaper than what I was paying for rental, which is awesome. I can use the savings for gas each month. Winning!!!

Buying a car here means that I will be staying put for a while, at least another three years. After much consideration about my future and after loads of praying and asking for guidance, I feel that this is the right step.
While I miss my mom and friends back home, this opportunity is one that I had dreamt of for a long time and I have been hugely blessed to be able to live my dream. I plan on milking it till to the last drop.
Summer visits back to NY will have to suffice for now, and maybe some of them will travel to visit me.

I am super excited about my little Toyota Yaris. It's a very popular line of cars here in Abu Dhabi. Everyone drives them, from locals to expats.  Mine will look something like the one pictured. I got it in Pearl White and the windows will be tinted so I can dance like a maniac without fear of judgement from the  folks outside.

The process has been both fast and slow. Somethings, such as getting the loan approved was fast but getting the approval for direct debit for the monthly payments from my bank took ages. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about it but Inshallah (God's willing) I will have my car by Monday the latest.
I've been bumming a ride with my coworkers. Strange to say this but I miss having my car. Not that I went anywhere besides work and to the grocery store but it was good knowing I had the option to go anywhere I wanted.
All in good time though.

Can't hardly wait…