Paleo in Action

Hey folks, happy weekend!!!

The weekend is here and I am extra happy because it is the Islamic New Year, which means an extra day off from work for me. Three day weekend? Yes please.
I love holidays!

So you know how I've been doing Paleo for the longest while now?
Ok fine, it hasn't been that long.  More like 2 months on and off.
The problem is that I would start to do the 30 days challenge/cleanse but would end up not completing it for one reason or the other. You know, like accidentally putting an entire brownie down my gullet or having milk spilled in my caramel latte. Don't know how any of that happened. *blank stare*
A couple of weeks ago my friend challenged me to complete the challenge.  She said I couldn't do it. A full 30 days of no cheats. Simply Paleo.
Oh, the moment she told me I couldn't do it, I decided to actually do it.
How dare her (despite the fact that she had been right up until that point)?????

Well today is day 14 and I am going strong. No cheats.
I've been getting extra creative in the kitchen and finding ways to enjoy the ride. It's definitely something I want to continue after the 30 days are over.
The hardest part will be living without sugar but I figure I will hold out as long as I can without indulging. I just won't give myself permission to eat it. Realistic? Not sure yet. Only time will tell.

I wanted to share with you some of my meals this week. In case you're thinking about going Paleo and wondering what the heck you can eat, which is the biggest obstacle for many people.
There is so much that you eat. Don't focus on all the things you can't have but focus on all the awesome stuff that you can enjoy. Like bacon and bacon and bacon. lol, there are more things but I like bacon.
Truth is, I enjoy all my meals. I haven't made anything yet that wasn't absolutely delish and satisfying.

Breakfast. Skillet Eggs with bacon, kale, spinach and mushroom. Monkey Salad and coffee with almond milk and stevia.

Grilled steak served with spaghetti squash sautéed in coconut oil  with onions and broccoli. I topped it with a fried egg. 

Hamburger on Portobello Mushroom, topped with a fried egg and organic mustard served with baked sweet potato fries.

Thai Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice
When I get hungry between meals I snack on fruit or nuts. I have to say though that those times are rare. I usually stay full and have to force myself to eat something because I don't want to skip meals.
If I have a craving for sweets, which happens sometimes especially when I'm hormonal, I have dates. Omg, those things are addictive!

It isn't as hard as it seems guaranteed. Even going out to eat doesn't have to be frightening or disconcerting.
Get a hamburger and take the bun off, eat salad instead of fries.
The cravings subside over time and it gets easier. Pinky promise. I was had a serious sweet tooth which has been tamed.
Also, losing weight is AMAZING. I am down 15 pounds, even with my inconsistency. Hoping to lose 9 more.

Fingers crossed!!

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