Weekly Wishes # 7

Can you say "late" ?

My weekly wishes post is days (maybe 2 weeks?) behind but as with all things in life, better late than never. Hmmm..maybe not all things now that I think about it. Anywho…

My wishes this week are:

1. Get some more plans solidified for Thailand. You know, like booking hotels and looking into tour companies. That way we don't end up homeless in a foreign country. 

2. Lay of the dates. Hahaha not like date dates but the fruit dates. Since going Paleo I have not had any sugar, however I've become addicted to these awesomeness and truth be told I might have taken it a tad too far. This week I plan to stay as far away as possible. I'll just finish off what's left but won't buy any more.

3.  Get more rest. I've been slacking off in this department and paid the price. My routine was to have everything done and be in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10.  Lately I have been going to sleep no earlier than 11:30. My mind and body have not reacted kindly to this gross disservice. So it's back to my granny schedule.

Ok folks, wish me luck.
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