Cooking in Chiang Mai

One of the things that I had to do in Thailand was take a cooking class. It had been on my bucket list forever and the opportunity finally presented itself.
I'd heard that Chiang Mai was the best place to take a class because of the abundance of classes and the reasonable prices offered.
With the help of our hotel manager we booked a full day class with a company she highly recommended. 
Man, it was such a great experience and I can't recommend it enough. Seriously go to Chiang Mai and visit this school. 
We had a great instructor whose English was excellent which made it easy to understand him and he was kinda funny which made things interesting and fun.
Before class he took us to the local market where we learned the secrets ingredients that give Thai food its distinct flavor.
He also taught us about the different types of chilies and about cooking rice just right.
I definitely learned a lot and had fun.
Check out some pictures from the class. I am a master Thai chef now. Lol
Seriously, my Green Curry is amazing.
making coconut soup
the finished product-  simple and yummy
Khadijah cooking her soup
Veggie spring rolls
I am awesome at this cooking thing
from this .....
to this. Broad noodle omelette
The final spread. I cooked it all. 
Yeah master chef, that's me.
Doing what I do best- EAT!!!