Saying Good-Bye to Thailand

Hey lovelies,
Sad times. My vacation is drawing to a close. Tonight is our final night in Bangkok and we head back to Abu Dhabi tomorrow. 
We made it back from Krabi on a 12 hour bus ride and we're dead tired. We got to our hotel at 5:30 in the  morning and literally crashed in the lobby until our room was ready. 

Seriously, let me talk about my vacation. I know I've been lax with posting but I was busy having fun. You know how it goes.
Guys, I loved every minute of this trip. It wasn't all perfect but I couldn't have been more pleased with the way things went considering how little planning I actually did. My Thailand bucket list is complete!

There were some things that didn't work out exactly as I would have liked but that's the way life goes right?
Things that I couldn't predict or control  popped up and threw our flow off a bit but we got through it unscathed for the most part.

One of those less than awesome events occurred when my travel buddy got a touch of food poisoning upon arrival in Krabi, our final leg of the journey. She ate some bad mango and was out of commission for most of our time here. 
This meant that I had to go out exploring on my own. Not exactly ideal but what can you do? The show must go on. 
Luckily I met some great folks who adopted me and didn't mind me hanging around with them. The first day I hung out with some students from Sweden and the following day while out at the beach I met a some folks from Germany who I hung out with for a couple days. 
One of the cool things about traveling is getting to meet people from different countries and learning about different cultures. And if you're like me, you start adding more countries to the list of places to visit.
Although I missed having my pal around, the days weren't a complete bust and I managed to have a great time. 

I have tons of photos to share with you, so hang tight for photo overload.
These shots were taken in Krabi. I still can't decide if Chiang Mai or Krabi was my favorite place. Each town had so much to offer and the experiences were so different but equally awesome. I suppose I can have two favorites. 
Dom and I. Asian fingers!
My sweet new friends from Germany
Kata and I after a couple Chang beers. Happy Times.
Ao Nang Beach, Krabi
View from Chicken Island, Krabi
Elephant pants-love them!
Christmas on the beach. Dom brought a Christmas tree and built a sandman. 
Being silly. Chicken Island, Krabi
Cause I am sexy!!!

I am so happy and blessed to have had this opportunity. Thailand is a great place to visit and if you ever get the chance I highly recommend that you get over there. 

Khob kun ka (thank you in Thai) Thailand for a wonderful time!
See you again.