Weekly Wishes #10

Hey folks, another week of wishes. The theme this week is "colorful". The picture is of my favorite flower. I took this while I was at the Farmer's Market in Union Square when I went home this summer. I love New York!!!

Last Week
1. Speak positively. Lately I've been super negative in my speech. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. The things we speak over our lives often come to pass. This week I will speak only those things that I want to bear fruit in my life.
I made some progress with this. I am not speaking negatively, so that's a start. I just need to speak good things in my life now. 

2. Stick to my weekly menu plan. 

3. Do laundry. Oof, it's starting to pile up. 
I did the laundry, yay!!! Now I just need to move the huge piles from the couch to the drawers. Baby steps folks, baby steps.

4. Reach out to a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. 
Sort of did this. There is one person I have in mind and I still want to reach out to her. I just need to do it.

This Week

1. Pack for Thailand.

2. Email my friend. Haven't spoken to her in ages. 

3. Clean my apartment.