March 19, 2013

Words to Live By

"Do not settle for less than exactly what you want. Your heart’s desires are there for a reason. Chase them. Pursue them relentlessly. Do not lose sight of your goals. They are your very reason for being."
Franki Durbin 


"why do you live in your body like you will be given another? as if it were temporary. you starve it, you let anyone touch it, you berate it. tell it that should be completely different. you tug at your soft flesh, wish it thinner, wish it gone. you fall in love with those who praise the way it sighs under their hands, but who praises the way it holds up your weight, even when you are falling apart?"
warsan shire  (via warsanshire)

I discovered this piece of writing quite serendipitously and was immediately intrigued/ awed by the writer. 

Amazing , amazing stuff. 
Please check out her other pieces. Makes me yearn to rediscover the writer in me.
Maybe someday I will find her again, in the meantime I will seek inspiration from others.

March 17, 2013

Over before it even began

That is how I feel about my weekends.
Although I've been living and working here for more than six months I still have yet to acclimate to the work week.
I work from Sunday to Thursday but my brain refuses to accept that Sunday is a work day. The weekend which consists of Friday and Saturday, seem to go by extremely quickly. 
I can't even get myself prepared on Saturday to go to work on Sunday. I just can't. 
The thought of preparing for work on a Saturday night just feels unreal. I want to be out dancing or watching movies until two in the morning.Certainly not thinking about what we will be doing in class on Sunday. 

The weekends just seem to fly by and I am left wondering when did it become time for work already. 
I try to maximize the weekends by doing as much as I can and having as much fun as possible but doesn't always work out. 

This weekend I went to the beach. To tell the truth I am not really a beach person. I don't want to layout in the sun and tan, no need to. I hate that sand gets everywhere and I mean everywhere. 
However, I went and I had a nice time. The weather here in Abu Dhabi is perfect right now. Just the right amount of sunlight and the breeze is lovely. 
Going to the beach just seemed like the natural thing to do. I waded a little in the water and enjoyed the weather. 
I figure I might as well do as much out doorsey things as possible now because in a few months it will be torture to be outside. 
That is about it, then it was over. Sigh. 
Anxiously awaiting the next weekend. 

March 13, 2013

Waiting for Spring

Spring Break is just around the corner and to tell the truth it can't get here fast enough for me.
I want to get away and relax. I want to spend my mornings sleeping late and my afternoons in the midst of strangers exploring a new city.
My brain is tired and my body in the same condition.

Not complaining really, I am not. I just need to recharge.
Teaching twenty four kids is no easy feat, particularly when we barely understand each other. It feels like twice as much energy is required to manage them. Ugh, at the end of the day my brain just wants to shut off and vegetate.

Needless to say I will be counting down the days. Only two more weeks and I am off to beautiful Istanbul. Woohoo.
I will make it.

March 9, 2013

Images from Oman

Beautiful mountains that surround Muscat

It's been almost 3 months since my trip to Oman and I just now uploaded the pictures to my computer. SMH.
Lazy much?
I am posting some of the fun pictures but to see the more creative pictures, check out my photo blog here. I rather fancy myself a photographer, lol. I am getting there.

crazy taxi driver Saeed

our private beach we discovered

March 6, 2013


The best thing about living in the Middle East is the ease and accessibility of traveling to many countries in Africa, Europe or Asia.

One of my main reasons for wanting to teach abroad is to travel and I plan on taking full advantage of the opportunities that living here given me.

This summer I will be traveling to Paris and I just booked a trip to spend Spring Break in Istanbul.
I am super excited and cannot wait. Everyone has told me it is a beautiful place to visit.

So many more countries on my list but Inshallah, I will be able to see them all even if I go broke in the course of it.

It is an amazing feeling to be living out your dream. I encourage everyone to go after what they want even if it seems impossible. I never thought I would have the opportunity to travel in the capacity that I want but here I am. God is amazing and he opens doors to the world if you ask and believe.