May 31, 2013

Deconstructing a Friendship

While smoking shisha last night, my friend Khadijah and I got into one of our always hilarious and insane conversations. This one relating to the reasons why we are friends.
Neither of us could find any valid or logical reasons why we have this friendship since we have very little in common.
We don't share the same taste is fashion,movies, music, food or men. We have very different religious orientations and cultural upbringings. Nothing that would justify this bond we share.

To amuse ourselves we started listing all the wacky things we could come up with such as the fact that we both have natural hair and we can both read. Lol, there were many other things listed bordering on the ridiculous. We had ourselves some good laughs.
The reality however is that we are very different people and yet we are friends and have what I think, is an amazing friendship.

It made me think about all my other friendships, the ones that have lasted the longest and I realize that I have very little in common with these people as well.

I mean the on-the-surface type things that usually draw people to each other. Like the common affinity for cottage cheese or Tupac or some other arbitrary thing.

What I have come to realize though is that at the core of these friendships is an openness on both ends to accept each other for who we are; to truly accept the differences that make us unique.

There exists a mutual respect that is crucial for the development and maintenance of the friendship. You embrace the differences and in time similarities will develop as the friendship begins to grow.
For me these are the relationships that have withstood the test of time and distance.

May 24, 2013

Finding The Pearl

So I was talking to a single lady friend the other day.
It was the typical catching up convo you have with your friend who lives in another country.
I inquired about her love life or rather lack thereof.
Of course since mine doesn't have a pulse either, we exchanged woes.
She said a friend of hers had recommended
As some of you know or maybe not, I've given online dating a shot before.
I was not lucky enough to find my prince but I believe that it's a legit and decent option for the busy folks who haven't met someone the conventional way.
My friend however ain't got time for that.
Her reason being that she doesn't want to become fodder for the fools out there on the world wide web who pose as decent and honest men.
If you've ever seen Catfish on MTV then you will understand that this it is a valid fear.
She just isn't up for that risk.
My counter argument was that you are just as likely to meet a creep on the street as you are on the 'net.
They exist everywhere. They wear sagging jeans or business suits.They come to you in all sorts of wrapping paper.
The thing is that any relationship you enter into is a risk. You never know what you're gonna get until you get it.

I always wonder how people manage to find the "ONE."
How do you know that the person in front of you, isn't some creeptastic dirt bag?
I guess you just have to dive in and see what you catch (hopefully not an STD).
You may catch one of those awful puffer fish that stabs you in the hand and makes you bleed or you may just catch an oyster with a pearl.

May 23, 2013

Work Related

I just realized that I hardly ever talk about my job. Lol, it's a big deal since it's the reason I am here in this country.

In the grand scheme of things I have been very blessed with my working situation. It isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I am a simple girl and I have the things that are most important to me. A good working relationship with my co-teacher, staff members and principal and I also have pretty good kiddies.

I teach KG 1 which is the equivalent to pre-k. In this grade there are two teachers, an Arabic and an English teacher.
I have been very blessed to have a teacher with whom I get along. We have very different teaching styles which can be frustrating for me at times but on a personal level we get along very well which has helped the professional relationship. We respect each other and we are mostly on the same page when it comes to the kids.
Speaking of kids, I have the most adorable kids in the school (I might be biased). Don't get me wrong they are sometimes naughty and exhausting but mostly they make me laugh and I love them to pieces.
My co-teacher and I planned out a lot of our routines at the beginning of the year and she pretty much lets me take the lead on discipline in the class, so the kids have been trained and respond well (90 percent of the times) to our rules.

Some days are a little nutty because the reality is that they are babies and they don't always want to be in school and doing work. Sometimes they want to play and talk. It has taken me a while to accept this (I have somewhat unrealistic expectations for 3-4 yr olds). Once I gave them the opportunity to just be kids and loosened my grip, things have been less nutty.
They love to learn and as long as I find ways to make it fun and engaging they are motivated to work. Some of them even ask for more work!

Hopefully I get to move with them next year. Some parents told my co-teacher that they want me to teach their kids next year, if not they will move them to a different school.
I guess I am doing something right.

I can't believe in less than 2 weeks my first teaching year in the UAE will be over. It has been a good year.
My prayer is that the next one will be as good or even better.

Keeping the Faith

As I continue to pursue my goals, I have to keep this is mind.
Life can seem so overwhelming and scary sometimes but I know that I have the strength to make it.

May 22, 2013

Brow Perfect

I found this on Pinterest. How awesome is it?

The local women in Abu Dhabi are serious about their brows. They tint, tattoo, laser, pencil, cream or powder them to perfection.
Sometimes they go a bit overboard but most times I am very impressed and a tiny envious.
My brows are sparse and thin. I wanted to give them life without looking fake.
Since finding this little tutorial my eyebrows look so much better now.
Quick and easy steps to follow.
Hope it helps!

May 20, 2013

How Deep Is Your Love?

For fashion? 
What are you willing to endure to look hot?

I love shoes and fashion just as much as the next fashionista.  I try my best to stay fly. Lol, sometimes.
However, comfort takes precedence over fashion.
It makes no sense to have on a pair of heels and they're killing you softly.
I've been there before and let me tell you I dang near lost my eye-sight from the pain. I truly understood the term "blinded by pain". 
I have since learned my lesson.
 Anywho, I came across this photo of Kim Kardashian and I suddenly had a flashback to my own painful experience.

She looks great until you get to her feet. Whoa nurse!
Like seriously those little piggies are having the last breath squeezed out of them. 
I can't imagine that she isn't in pain. Plus she is heavily pregnant which must add extra pressure to her feet. 
Lady, it is time to put the heels away and wear some sandals. 
She has more than enough money to buy herself some amazing shoes that would look less like torture devices. There is no excuse for this kind of cruelty.   
If my feet were that swollen I would be wearing my plushest house slippers everywhere.
Ain't nobody got time for pain! 

May 18, 2013

Impromptu Moments

I love those moments when you make a decision to do something unplanned and it works out perfectly.
My friend and I went to Dubai to take care of some business. We then had lunch at a little chicken shop we loved called Nandos.
The weather was perfect and we just weren't ready to go home.
We sat around contemplating what our next move was when it occurred to me that we should stop by Jumeriah Beach. 
It was perfect. 
We strolled, chatted and got our feet wet. 
Simple good fun. 

Happy Weekend!

Saturday with Kate Spade

Saturday Kate Spade Passport Holder
I am a huge fan of Kate Spade.
I own a couple bags, wallets and cosmetic pouches from the company and I am super happy with the quality of the products.

Recently Kate Spade launched their Saturday line of goods, I guess it is a more casual side to their Kate
Spade New York line.
It's quirky and fun and cute. Oh and a lot more affordable. Big bonus for me.
Since I'm on the regular mailing list, I received an email announcing the launch of Saturday. I pounced on the site of course.
Immediately a few things caught my eye.
Check 'em out!
cosmetic pouch
cute blue watch

This sweet watch

I still have to probe around the site some more, but these are the items that have my attention right now.

Head over and see for yourself. You may find something/s you love.!!!
P.S. Free shipping. 

May 17, 2013

Hair and Now

Hi guys, just wanted to take some time from my super busy weekend (heehee, who am I kidding, I've been laid up in bed pretty much the whole day) to share a photo of my 'fro.

May 6, 2013

What I Got and What I Want


Picked up this little number from J.Crew during one of their many sales. Love the color blocking.

I've been trying to resist the urge to purchase a chambray shirt. I have one in NY that I will be going home to but I found a another one at Pull and Bear. I couldn't walk away. It was super cheap and the wash is different form the one at home. 
It is such a great closet staple and very versatile. 
I needed a few additional pieces in my closet. I was getting tired of wearing the same 5 shirts like all the time. 


How cute are these J.Crew heeled sandals? The color!

Ankle strap sandals? Yes ma'am!

May 5, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was way fun and too short.
Big Sigh.
It went far too quickly as usual.

May 2, 2013

Just an Ordinary Day

Just an Ordinary Day

Just an Ordinary Day by leela-hamilton 

Summer is almost upon us. I know spring just got here but I like to think ahead.
I am already shopping around for my summer essentials. Things that I can wear when I go home to NY but that can transition into my life here.

One thing I have learned is that you can pretty much wear whatever you want here. 
So cheers to short skirts and shorts.

This is a pretty simple and comfy outfit for those days when you're a little lazy to really think about what you want to wear. 
You'll still look cute without sacrificing comfort. 
In case you didn't notice, J.Crew is my favorite store to shop. Love everything they sell. 

May 1, 2013

I Love You But You Ain't Love Me Back

I love stripes. Like seriously.
Unfortunately, they don' t love me back.
That is what the people in fashion would have me to believe.
I was born with the type of torso that few women envy. I am short with an even shorter torso, kinda wide. I don't really have a waist.
Horizontal stripes therefore are not my friends.
They do nothing to compliment my figure and should never be invited into my closet.
The sad thing is that I cannot resist them.They beckon to me from the shops and I must answer.
bought this from J.Crew

I also really love the new shoe collection from Zara. I wasn't a big Zara fan but lately I've been really impressed by their stuff.
This new collection features loads of sexy pumps and flats with ankle straps. I love a good ankle strap. Yes ma'am. 
Again, another sad case of unrequited love. Apparently I'm not supposed to wear those either. I have short legs and ankle strap chops them off at an awkward place and makes them look stumpy.

***All shoes from Zara
Seriously, how is a girl supposed to turn her back on these? 

Let's also talk about pencil skirts while I'm at it. Ugh...
They're chic and sexy and make you look super put together.
Can't wear 'em. My hips are too wide. And I'm kinda curvy aka chubby. "They" say. 



Omg stripes, pencil skirt and ankle straps in one outfit. Awesomeness at it's finest!!!
Do I just say to heck with what the fashion people say and do what I want? 
Hell yeah. I own a few pencil skirts and some strip tops. I am working on acquiring a pair or two of those awesome Zara sandals this summer.

I am all about doing what is right for your body and being aware of what accentuates your God given assets. However, I also believe in wearing what makes you happy. If you feel comfortable and genuinely happy in what you have on, that counts for a lot.