Recently Acquired. Spoiling Myself Just a Little

Oh my soul is happy! 
Well I did a little online shopping from my favorite store. 
J.Crew is having a great sale, extra 40 percent off  final sale items. 
You already know how much I love a good sale and how I ADORE J.Crew. 

Resistance was non-existent. Plus it's my Christmas gift to myself. A girl needs a few treats every now and again. 

Check out the goodies I picked up. My mom should be coming to visit in Feb. so I will have them in my possession very soon. Wohoooo!!!!! 

This piece is what caught my attention. I was seriously smitten! Leather, like for real leather on a soft cardi.
Genius!!!!! I have the best of both worlds. 

I just love the details on this. I am a sucker for a peasant top .  
I don't wear t-shirts much but I love J.Crew t-shirts. They fit really well and the quality is great. This is a fancier version of their basic tee. When I wanna feel fancy.

I love the color and the cut. I've been eying this for months and finally snagged it. 
I didn't buy these but I adore them. Maybe if I was back home in NY I would have totally snagged them but my life over here just doesn't fit with these. 


  1. Wow! Hahaa nice picks! You deserve some spoiling hehee Happy New Year!
    Love, Shabana

  2. it is so fun when you get to spoil yourself a little!

  3. Those heels are fabulous! I used to wear killer shoes like that all the time when I worked in a corporate office in Chicago, but they don't fit my lifestyle now that I work from home in California. I can still admire them, though! :)

  4. Treat yo' self!
    Great picks :)


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