Recently Acquired. Spoiling Myself Just a Little

Oh my soul is happy! 
Well I did a little online shopping from my favorite store. 
J.Crew is having a great sale, extra 40 percent off  final sale items. 
You already know how much I love a good sale and how I ADORE J.Crew. 

Resistance was non-existent. Plus it's my Christmas gift to myself. A girl needs a few treats every now and again. 

Check out the goodies I picked up. My mom should be coming to visit in Feb. so I will have them in my possession very soon. Wohoooo!!!!! 

This piece is what caught my attention. I was seriously smitten! Leather, like for real leather on a soft cardi.
Genius!!!!! I have the best of both worlds. 

I just love the details on this. I am a sucker for a peasant top .  
I don't wear t-shirts much but I love J.Crew t-shirts. They fit really well and the quality is great. This is a fancier version of their basic tee. When I wanna feel fancy.

I love the color and the cut. I've been eying this for months and finally snagged it. 
I didn't buy these but I adore them. Maybe if I was back home in NY I would have totally snagged them but my life over here just doesn't fit with these. 

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