Whole30 Week 1 & 2

Hey lovelies. 
Happy Monday!! 
Hope you guys had a great weekend. I had a three day weekend so I'm happy. 
Spent most of the time on my couch watching old episodes of Law and Order: SVU. 
Don't feel sad for me, I was chilling and relaxing. I also had brunch with some dear friends, so I did get out of the house. 

Ok, so this is week I am heading into my 3rd week of my Whole30 journey. Whole30 is Paleo amped. It's a more restrictive Paleo meant to really get those cravings for sugar, carbs and any other non-paleo foods out of your system. 
I decided this was the way to go to get the new year started since I pretty much exercised no control over my eating while in Thailand. 

I have to say that it really isn't hard to live a Paleo lifestyle. Well let me say it this way actually, if you're preparing your meals at home it isn't hard. If you're eating out a lot then you will experience many challenges. My cravings for sugar and carb are pretty much gone. I actually crave veggies if I have cravings. Weird!

These are some of my meals over the past two weeks. I usually make egg muffins and eat those for breakfast during the week. I love eggs so it's not a problem to eat them every day. I also make Chia pudding if I run out of egg muffins. 

Over the weekend I also tried my hand at making mayo. It turned out really well . I used Olive Oil but will try a lighter oil next time such as grapeseed.

After Whole30, I plan to loosen up a bit with my eating but stay Paleo compliant. 
Wish me luck!
If you're struggling to figure out what to do for dinner or lunch, feel free to borrow from these meals for ideas. 

Grilled Steak with Mushrooms and Sautéed Spinach served with Sweet Potato

Steak and Eggs with Spinach

Cauliflower Fried Rice and Fried Sweet Plantains

Grilled Salmon, Cauliflower Rice and Green Beans

Cabbage and Chicken Stir-Fry

Sweet Potato and Beef Hash with Fried Egg

Veggie Stir-Fry, Salmon and Sweet Plantains

Sweet Potato Fritters, Grilled Chicken and Green Beans