capturing the human moments

"Comfort" Paris '13

In case you haven't quite figured it out yet, I love photography. I love trying to capture the beautiful things and moments that catch my eye. That passion ties into my passion for travel.

Nothing else gives me the opportunity to experience and capture beauty in a variety of cultures like traveling does. My camera is always at hand because you never know when that moment will arise for you to take the shot.

After doing some reflection I've realized that as much as I love photographing architecture, I love photographing people more. Street photography is where my heart is leading. I love capturing those special and rare human moments.

I know some people will have negative things to say about street photography but my feelings are that if the images are captured and used with positive intentions and as long as they are not taken in places where it is illegal to photograph people then it's okay.

However there is still a fair amount of trepidation associated with street photography and I will admit, I am a bit scared. I mean what if the people get angry? What if they try to break my camera? Kanye West much? You just never know.

As I was thinking these things I found this book by one of the street photographers I follow named Eric Kim.
It's called  "31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography".
The best part is that it is FREE.

Kim offers tried and true advice on how to overcome that intrinsic fear that comes from shooting people (not literally of course). Some of his advice is pretty funny but all practical and doable.

My humble advice is to just get out there and do it. To perfect your craft you have to fight the fear holding you back.

"Fashion". Paris '13

"Music" Paris '13
"The Souq" 'Dubai'12

"Enamored" Paris '13
"Street Vendor" Istanbul '13

"Shoe Shine" Istanbul '13
"Friends" Abu Dhabi '12

"Waiting" Abu Dhabi '12

"Hidden" Abu Dhabi '12

"in the shadows" NY '12

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"Tiny Dancer" NY '12